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Work Culture & Environment

C-DOT has been established as a model for management of people for higher productivity, efficiency & better quality of life in Indian Environment. C-DOT has around 1000 professionals. HRD right from its conception acted as catalyst towards greater synergetic effect so that personnel with individual brilliance and limitations could team up to complement each other for best results. The focus of HRD at C-DOT has been to create a work environment and culture conducive to achievement of excellence based on Commitment to People & Professionalism.

The work environment in C-DOT cultivates & nurtures respect and care for all. C-DOT emphasizes welfare of employees & members of their families. The facilities like Canteen, Transport, Office Infrastructure is available Round the Clock. (24 x 7 x 365 days).

The main emphasis of the Human Resource Management philosophy is on developing people and their competencies through a learning environment. The activities and practices at C-DOT have been designed and developed to inculcate Pride and Satisfaction, Drive for Best Contribution, Improve personal effectiveness, Improve quality of work life, Prepare staff members for change, Career Development, Build People - Build Professionals.

In C-DOT the various HR Policies & procedures are based upon the principles of Trust, Care & Empowerment. A high degree of trust & faith in staff members is reflected in flexibility in operations, flexible working hours and the fact that a lot of reimbursement of expenditure is based on Self Declaration.

C-DOT’s principle of Employee Empowerment is reflected in employee involvement in various planning, review & monitoring committees; open and transparent system where most decisions ( e.g. Promotions, Awards) are made by the cross-functional teams; Financial and Administrative powers are delegated and are at operations level.

C-DOT has a flat matrix organizational structure & egalitarian work culture which promotes professionalism, Openness, Respect for Individual and fosters creativity, Innovativeness, Challenge, Competitiveness, People Orientation & Self-Development. Various Systems, policies, business plans and product plans are well documented and are accessible on LAN.

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