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Field Support
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Field Support

Control Room

C-DOT maintains three control rooms at New Delhi, Bangalore and Kolkata to provide online telephonic assistance for its products in the field. Queries on installation, operation and maintenance of C-DOT exchanges are handled. On site help is also provided for site planning, problem solving, new installations and hardware/software upgrades.

New Delhi Bangalore Kolkata
Control Room
Ph No. +91-11-26802815, +91-11-26802816,
Fax No. +91-11-26598562

Control Room
Ph No. +91-80-25119999 Fax No. +91-80-25119251

Control Room
Ph No. +91-33-25210674
Fax No. +91-33-25210675

C-DOT maintains a helpline site cdothelpline.cdot.in which provides a lot of information for field units regarding problems / solutions, documents, application notes, Engineering Change Notes (ECN) and other technical information.

Repair Centres

C-DOT maintains a repair centre at Bangalore for repairing the cards of C-DOT exchanges in Indian telecom network. This repair centre is primarily for such sites as require immediate repair of the cards.  In addition, C-DOT has assisted Department of Telecom in the establishing of  more than forty two repair centres.


C-DOT also conducts intensive operation and maintenance oriented training courses for field personnel of the customer. Theoretical as well as hands on training is provided. These training course are tailored to suit field requirements. C-DOT also conducts workshops for various Telecom circles whenever any new software features/or hardware upgrades are introduced. The objective is to educate the user about the new features. C-DOT also extends faculty support for lectures to the customers.

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