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Broad Spectrum Telecom Services & Applications
 (PI308 Application Server) 

C-DOT's unique PI308 Application Server platform manages incoming calls to activate value added services for PSTN/IP Networks.
Fixed line short message service
The Fixed Line Short Message Service (FSMS) allows text messages to be sent or received from a fixed or a mobile phone terminal. more
Missed call alert
The system auto-transmits Missed Call Notification to a subscriber using Short Message Service (SMS) when the subscriber becomes available. more
Voice mail system
VMS is a centralized system for managing simultaneously for a large group of people.  more
Predefined SMS service
offers subscribers a 'select and send' facility for delivering pre-defined greetings to destination customers. more
Interactive voice response server
allows users to select options from pre-recorded voice menu prompts by clicking digits on a telephone keypad. more
Personalised ring backtones
Personalised Ring Backtones allow mobile subscribers to customise the idle call connection tone with music and other form of audio amusement. more
Group messaging system
facilitates a service provider to communicate with its customers individually, in groups or collectively as a whole. more

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