CCRP Problem Statements

Problem Id Problem Statement Document
12 For collaborative development of variants of Branch Router (upto 10Gbps throughput)
11 For collaborative development of variants of C-DOT Aggregators
10 Development of GPON/EPON ONT SoC (System on Chip)
9 Development of 16 Port Combo-PON (GPON and XGS-PON on single PON port) miniOLT
8 Development 6G Energy Saving Techniques
7 Development 6G Sea and Space Communication
6 Development of 6G Radio
5 Development of Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces
4 Development of Holographic Communication System
3 Development of Advance Metering Infrastructure solution
2 Development of “Optical Transmitter Module” for use in Quantum Communication
1 Development of Continuous Variable Quantum Key Distribution (CV-QKD)

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